Sunday 31 December 2017

Project 16: Optical Illusions

With just a short week between Christmas and the New Year, we decided to build a project around an optical illusions set we had.
Science Factory: Optical Illusions

We started the week exploring some of the tricks our mind can play on us as it makes use of shortcuts to understand the world. Alongside the usual duck/rabbit, young/old woman, and other ambiguous images, we watched videos that demonstrate how much we can miss when we pay attention, as well as a couple of 3D videos (

The optical illusions set contained 47 different illusions, from those that were picture-based to those that required assembly. The Ames room was the most visually impressive, although the zoetrope provided the opportunityfor a wider conversation on films and animation.

Ames Room

The optical illusion set was given as a gift a couple of years ago, and we can't find it online, but if you come across it in the shops it's highly recommended.

Next week's project: World Records!

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