Sunday 8 April 2018

Project 29: Easter and Spring

This week's project ran Sunday-to-Sunday rather than the usual Monday-to-Sunday so that we could couple together Easter and Spring, and make use of some of the activities that have been organized locally for the school holidays. 

As may be expected, we started Easter Sunday with the usual chocolate eggs, an Easter egg hunt, and explained to all the children why Christians celebrate Easter with a couple of picture books The Story of Easter and The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross. The Story of Easter is better for the Easter story, The Garden... is better for the wider biblical context. We also made some chocolate nests and made and decorated our own Easter eggs.
Chocolate nests
Home-made and decorated chocolate eggs
Peterborough cathedral had a number of Easter craft activities going on this week, and Solomon made an Easter bonnet and wreath. It's the first time that we'd been to Becket's Tea Room, and as it's a really nice space we stayed for lunch. Unfortunately the service and food wasn't as good as the space.
Making Easter bonnets
Later in the week we went to the Green Backyard, a local community garden, where another home educator had organized an Easter egg hunt. This was followed by a 'family gardening' session, where the children did some weeding, planting, and made bird scarers to take home. It was the first time we'd been to the Green Backyard, but we will definitely be returning as everyone had a great time. We also finally got around to buying some seeds and planting our own veg patches, and made use of our new bird scarers.
Bird scarers over our veg patches

Next week's project: Electricity!

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