Monday 19 November 2018

Project 60: Transport

Transport was selected for this week's project, and we started the week by watching a wide variety of videos on the history of transport and some future innovations. 

They were particularly interested in cargo ships and the impact of containerization:

All three children (including the 2 yr old) really enjoyed an afternoon at the London Transport Museum, happily spending four hours looking at the various exhibits and objects. Monica particularly liked the buses, Solomon the new Future Engineers exhibit, and Sam the 'choo-choos'. 
London Transport Museum
As a more practical activity we got the children to do the WeDo 2.0 Speed guided lesson. Like most children, Solomon and Monica love Lego and the WeDo sets are a great introduction to more scientific builds, programming, and experimentation. In this case, you explore the impact of different wheel sizes on the speed of the car.
WeDo 2.0 Speed

Next week: Scientific enquiry

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