Monday 1 July 2019

Project 91: The Seaside

This week's project was picked to coincide with a short family holiday to Great Yarmouth. As well as the usual sandcastles, donkey rides, and fish and chips on the promenade, the holiday took a more academic slant with a trip to the Sea Life Centre and the Time and Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life.

Great Yarmouth
Solomon and Monica hadn't been to a sea life centre since Monica's 1st birthday, so it was all very new to them. As usual, they particularly liked the trails they did as they went round, but Solomon also picked the underwater tunnel as a highlight.
Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre
Time and Tide is a really nice museum providing a history of Great Yarmouth life, and although we allowed 2.5 hrs the children could have probably enjoyed it for another hour as there was plenty to keep them engaged. Once again they enjoyed the museum trail, along with the Victorian row of shops and houses and the current exhibition on medieval medicine (in particular the video on the black death!). The only downside was the price as Norfolk museums charge, but as it was still cheaper than the (outrageously priced) pirate crazy golf we can't complain too much.
Time and Tide
We finished the week with Solomon and Monica creating their own seaside scenes, and watching the Our Planet episode on coastal seas.
Solomon's (left) and Monica's (right) Seaside Scenes
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