Tuesday 17 March 2020

Project 126: Water

This week's home ed project was picked to coincide with a workshop on 'Pirates' at the local country park (originally meant to be about rivers) and the subject of the Church of England's #LiveLent reflection for the week.

The workshop consisted of making a raft that floated, testing it on the lake, and then a treasure hunt around the park. It wasn't necessarily as water-focused as we'd have liked, but the children all had a fun time.
Pirates rafts at Ferry Meadows
We also made use of a number of Twinkl resources this week. We used the Ways to Save Water activity sheet, to explore ways we could save water at home. We revisited the water cycle and explored changing states of matter. Finally we did an experiment to see how fast an ice cube melts under different conditions: room temperature, palm of your hand, under a hairdryer, and in a fridge.

Ice-Cube Experiment
Along the water theme we also picked the 1970s classic film (based on Charles Kingsley's book) The Water Babies. 

Next week: Biomes

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