Monday 23 March 2020

Project 127: Biomes

Following on from Project 126: Water, we decided to focus on some of the world's biomes.

After introducing the topic, having the children colour in some maps, and completing some worksheets on biomes, we looked at five biomes with the help of children's films.
Solomon (top) and Monica's (bottom) biome maps
Deserts - Rango
Deserts were introduced in a SciShow video, before watching Rango.
We also got them to make a cactus picture.
Solomon (left) and Monica's (right) cacti
Savannah - The Lion King
We watched an episode of the Africa TV series on savannahs, and made use of the The Lion King activity pack that was released for the recent live action version of the film.

Rainforest - Tarzan
We watched an episode of the Africa TV series on the Congo and the Disney version of the film.

Oceans - Finding Nemo
We explored oceans of the world, and rewatched Finding Nemo.

Antarctic - Happy Feet
Finally we watched Happy Feet, which the children enjoyed so much they insisted on acting out their own version of the story.

At the end of the week we asked the children to pick their favourite biome, and write a bit about why: Solomon picked the arctic, and said he would like to be a polar bear; Monica said she would like to live in the ocean because of the colourful coral reefs.

We are expecting a few more films in the weeks ahead as society becomes more self-isolating due to the spread of coronavirus, but we have to admit five films in a week was probably a bit over the top!

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