Sunday 6 February 2022

Project 214: Christmas and A Christmas Carol*

 As with Christmas 2020 (see Project 115: Christmas and the Pilgrim's Progress), we decided to have a book project to go with our Christmas week project. So, as well as the usual carol and Christingle services, we also revisited the story of A Christmas Carol (they'd watched the Muppet version way back in Project 65: Christmas and the New Year). 

As it was a busy week we decided to stick to the abridged version of the story, and also made use of a lot of Twinkl worksheets on the story. 

As it was Christmas we also included a couple of new Christmas films, with A Boy Called Christmas and 8-Bit Christmas, although neither look set to become classics. 

Next project: Penguins

(*About 6 weeks behind on writing the blog posts!)

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