Sunday 30 January 2022

Project 213: Chess

We wanted a project that we could do on the move this week as the children were visiting their grandparents, so we decided to have a closer look at chess. Although Solomon has enjoyed the game for a number of years, we wanted to make sure the other two also learned how to play. In the end we stretched the project over two weeks, and as anyone will know who's studied the game, we barely scratched the surface. 

As well as learning the rules, and studying a few openings, the children read a story about the Lewis Chessmen, the children did some Twinkl worksheets, and designed their own chess piece. They also wrote their own stories about the finding of the Lewis Chessmen. 

Finally, they did their own chess artwork. 

Next project: Christmas and a Christmas Carol*

(*the blog is STILL a number of weeks behind!)

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