Sunday 6 March 2022

Project 218: Typography and calligraphy

 As some of the children's handwriting leaves much to be desired, we decided to have a project on typography and calligraphy to try to encourage them to take more pride in their work.

They made use of some worksheets to practice writing with calligraphy pens, before creating there own bookmarks:

After going through a Twinkl PowerPoint on illuminated manuscripts, they used their calligraphic skills to create their own manuscripts with an appropriate biblical verse. 

They also picked their own style of lettering to produce a word of their choice:

And explored some of the different types of type that are available. 

They finished the week by watching The Secret of Kells (Again!! - see also Project 133: The United Kingdom and Project 100: The Middle Ages). 

While the children all enjoyed learning about typography and calligraphy, unfortunately there was no real notable improvement in their writing!

Next Project: Random Science

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