Tuesday 3 March 2020

Project 124: Fruit

This project was picked solely on the basis that Solomon is a big fan of fruit and he requested it.

We started by exploring the different types of fruits, the difference between the scientific term and the term in general types of use, and bought a variety of the more exotic fruits from the local supermarkets.
The fruit haul

Solomon also wanted to put some satsuma pith under the microscope, and repeat the extraction of DNA from the strawberries experiment we did last year (see previous Project 105: Harvest Festival).

Orange Pith

Extracting Strawberry DNA
We also compared the browning of a generic Tesco's 'sweet apple' with one of the supposedly non-browning Opal apples. Unfortunately in this case both apples browned at the same rate, albeit extremely slowly. Both looked perfectly edible after an hour, the photo on the right was after 6 hours!
Opal Fruits

The children also had to draw a fruit of their choice, and explored the artwork of Giuseppe Arcimboldo using Twinkl resources. In a nice coincidence we watched The Tales of Despereaux this week, which also had an Arcimboldo style character.

Kiwis and Fruit Portraits

Next project: World Book Day and 1,001 Arabian Nights

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