Sunday 3 June 2018

Project 37: Metals

We had already got Science-files: Metals from the library, so decided to use that as the basis for this week's project. Using a host of online videos, and A Beginner's Guide to the Periodic Table (previously used in Project 19: Science and chemistry), we explored: the bronze age, iron age, industrial revolution, precious metals, modern alloys, and recycling.

Solomon's reaction to the first video, showing the smelting of copper on an open hilltop in Israel, was that he wanted to do that this week, and was a bit disappointed that we had to say no!

He particularly enjoys BBC Teach: Story of Britain videos, watching the whole series rather than restricting himself to those on the bronze age and iron age.

Hands-on experiments with metals are a bit limited with a 5 yr old, but we did explore the hallmarks on some of the 'precious' objects in our house:
Birmingham palladium and Sheffield platinum
And the magnetic properties of the change in our pockets, and how this has changed along with the composition of UK coins.

Next week's project: The Vikings!

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