Monday 22 October 2018

Project 56: Treasure Island

As the children were off for a family visit to the North East this week, we took it as an opportunity to explore a book in a bit more detail, more specifically: Treasure Island.

Unfortunately the full version was a bit beyond the kids this week, Monica in particular struggled with some of the colloquial language and the transcribed vernacular speech, so we read the Usborne version along with part of the full version.
The full and the abridged version of Treasure Island
BBC School Radio also have a series of accompanying videos, scripts, and activities to accompany the story.

We also got Solomon and Monica to create their own treasure maps, staining the paper with coffee and drying it in the oven.
Solomon's and Monica's treasure maps
As this is now the third map they've done as part of a project (see also Project 52: Battles and Project 2: Maps) there is now a moratorium on map making until one of them declares they want to be a cartographer!

Finally we finished the week by watching an alternative version of the story: Muppet Treasure Island.

Next week's project: Living things and their habitats.

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