Tuesday 30 October 2018

Project 57: Living things and their habitats.

The kids were signed up to a home education workshop on living things and their habitats at Ferry Meadows, so we decided to make that the subject of this week's project.

Solomon taking the ground temperature in a quadrant at Ferry Meadows
The workshop involved looking at micro-habitats, meadow leaves, and bug hunting, and the children got to see a wide variety of insects.

We also went on our own bug and leaf hunt later in the week. We used the Autumn Leaf ID sheet from the Woodland Trust, and did some leaf rubbings/paintings.


Leaf Rubbings
Solomon and Monica were also asked to pick their own animal to explore in more detail. Solomon picked bats, and we explored some of the resources on the Bat Conservation Trust web site, including making a bat finger puppet.
Bat Finger Puppets
Monica picked rabbits, and watched a number of videos about how they lived underground:
This week's project also coincided with the BBC's Autumnwatch being available on the iPlayer, and that kept Solomon enthralled and Monica mildly interested.

Next week: Exercise

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