Monday 3 June 2019

Project 87: Cooking!

We probably don't cook as much with the children as we would like to, so Solomon's suggestion of cooking for this week's project was a nice change.

After a re-cap of some of the work covered in Project 6: Nutrition, most of the week's work focused on the practical side.

Solomon wanted to make a curry:
Curry, sandwiches and some tuna-pasta
And Monica wanted to make some biscuits.
Oat and Raisin Biscuits
They both made carrots cakes and pizza.
Carrot Cakes

Homemade Pizza
They were also introduced to an alternative type of 'cooking' with some fondue (although Monica was deeply suspicious of the offering, and declined):
Do you fondue?
Finally we got them to paint their own food-themed still life:
Solomon (top) and Monica's (bottom) bowls of fruit
While a bowl of fruit isn't strictly cooking, it interested Monica enough to suggest the next week's project.

Next week's project: Painting!

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