Monday 13 January 2020

Project 117: Five Children and It

With bugs still doing the rounds, and a back-log of 'thank you' cards building up, we decided to have one of our literature-focused projects this week*: 'Five Children and It'.

We had enjoyed watching the BBC series as part of Project 113: The Victorians, and so we planned to read the original story and watch the BBC's follow-up series: The Return of the Psammead. While the children loved both of the series, enjoyment of the book unfortunately suffered from being so close to the original TV series. In an age when TV and film executives seem to relish departing from source material, it came as a bit of a shock to find a series following a book so closely!

This week's materials...
The Vintage edition of the story had a number of activity suggestions, and we got the children to write their own list of wishes, draw their own interpretation of the Psammead, and do the included quiz. We also got them to write their own story about finding the Psammead and making a wish: Three Children and It.

Solomon (Left) and Monica's (Right) Psammeads
Nesbit is, undoubtedly, a writer we will return to again in the future: the children want to read The Phoenix and the Carpet and The Story of the Amulet, while it's hard to believe we haven't studied The Railway Children already as we know it so well.

Next project: 500 Words (third time lucky)

* Previously covered literature includes:
- Project 115: ... the Pilgrim's Progress
Project 98: Doctor Dolittle

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