Sunday 23 January 2022

Project 212: Christmas Crafts*

It's seems hard to believe, but Christmas 2021 was out 5th home educating Christmas! For the last couple of years we've also had a craft project a few weeks earlier, so we can create Christmas cards and decorations (Project 110: Christmas Crafts; Project 161: Preparing for Christmas), and we did the same this year. 

In fact we started the project a day early, so we could light our advent candle wreath on the correct day:

It was was a busy week as we baked biscuits, picked and decorated the tree, and did numerous crafts and worksheets. It was also the start of the 'Crazy Scientist' advent calendar, which was good, but took up an inordinate amount of time. 

We went for a wreath look with our Christmas cards this year, using straws, paint, and sticky dots. 

Next Project: Chess

(* We're still a bit behind on the blog posts!)

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